Fear Free

Fear Free

We realize that not every pet has a positive outlook towards coming in for a checkup.  And when pets have anxiety about their visit, that can often make their families anxious too.  Although we know that some procedures animals will experience at the veterinary hospital will be uncomfortable, we make every effort to reduce any fear, anxiety, and stress-related to examinations and procedures.
Many of our staff are currently fear free certified.  This means they have gone through specialized training and testing that has been proven to comfort animal patients.  Things like using soft towels to envelop and caress cats and small dogs, using treats and love to distract a worried patient, using less and more specialized handling so the animal doesn't feel threatened, and much more.  When an animal is not stressed the following will occur:
  • More accurate blood tests
  • Accurate temperature, pulse, and respiration
  • More informative physical exams
  • Reduce the need sedation
  • Less immune system suppression
If needed, we will prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications or supplements to help make the car ride and the visit more enjoyable and less frightening for your pet.
Our veterinary team members will note your pet’s emotional response to the visit and what treats and techniques worked best to reduce any anxiety that may have been expressed. This will help to make future visits even better!

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