Pain Management

Pain Management

We offer comprehensive pain management services that help to alleviate pain and to address the type of pain your pet may be experiencing. We are able to manage acute pain that may arise from injuries, sudden illness, or surgeries that result in post-operative pain. We also help manage the chronic pain associated with various medical conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia and general older age. We like to tailor our approach to pain management specific to your pet's needs.
We like to make sure that you understand the pain your pet may be experiencing and take all measures to educate you on the ways you can help to manage your pet's pain at home. We want to help your pet have a comfortable pain free life so we like to share options we have treating pain in your pet.  We may provide you with information about various therapies that are designed to reduce or eliminate pain.  And, we can help you determine what you may need to help you with the day to daycare of your pet who is experiencing pain. This may involve the use of certain medications or the application of various therapies that are designed to reduce or eliminate pain. Our goal is to help you help your pet!
If your pet is experiencing pain, please schedule a consultation with our office today.

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