Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Imagine if you never brushed your teeth.  You would have bad breath, unsightly teeth, tooth pain, teeth that fall out and even worse, heart and kidney disease from the bacteria that infect the bloodstream from decayed teeth.  Getting your pet on teeth brushing regimen is an excellent preventative; one that sometimes takes training and patience to accomplish.  When you smell bad breaths in your pet it is often a sign of gum and/or tooth disease.  All the brushing you can possibly do though cannot be done effectively in a mouth that already has dental tartar and disease.
Because decayed teeth or those teeth with cavities can cause pain when probed and examined and because diseased teeth may need to be extracted; cleaning teeth in dogs and cats is an anesthetic procedure.  While under anesthesia, the gums are examined and careful removal of tartar that lives under the gumline is removed.    Teeth are evaluated for plaque and tartar, hard dental tartar is removed and full mouth radiographs are taken so that the doctor can evaluate the health of the teeth above and beneath the surface of the gumline. All of these things can sometimes be uncomfortable in your pet; hence the need for anesthesia.   Statistics show that 70% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 have dental disease that needs treatment. Our goal is to catch dental disease early before extractions may be needed. We use high-tech dental cleaning equipment specific for pets as well as digital radiography where images of your pet's teeth become a part of your pet's permanent medical record. Keeping your pet's teeth clean promotes longevity and helps your pet live longer.

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