Puppy and kitten care

Puppy and kitten care

Adding a new companion to your family is an exciting time, and we are happy to offer our guidance and support. We recommend scheduling your new pet’s first veterinary exam as soon as possible - typically between 8-10 weeks of age. During this visit, we will complete a thorough examination including:
Listening to your pet’s heart and lungs to make sure they are no abnormalities
Examining eyes and ears to make sure that all is normal
Examining lymph nodes, abdomen, and skin and coat condition
Examining joints and muscles to identify normal growth
Perform an oral examination to ensure teeth are coming in normally and to check the mouth overall
Administer first vaccinations and create an ongoing schedule
Conduct screening for parasites and begin parasite and heartworm prevention
Perform routine diagnostic testing and lab work, as needed
Discuss nutritional needs
Assess your pet’s behavior
Develop a healthcare plan tailored to your pet’s lifestyle
Address your concerns and questions
Give your puppy or kitten lots of love and snuggles so that he/she can have a fun and good experience.

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