Veterinary Drop Off Services

Veterinary Drop Off Services

Sunnyside Veterinary hospital accommodates patients on a drop-off basis.  If you are not able to make an appointment during business hours when your pet needs veterinary care due to your daily schedule, we can help.  You can make an appointment for your pet where the pet stays for the day to be seen by one of our doctors.  One of our certified veterinary technicians will gather some information when you drop off your pet so that care and/or treatment can start as quickly as possible.  At a specified time during the day, your veterinarian will examine your pet and then contact you regarding their findings and what diagnostic procedures are in order.  A discharge time will be set up for you to pick up your pet later in the day at which time you will meet with the doctor who was in charge of your pet's care.  Diagnoses, instructions, medications, etc. will be reviewed with you at the time of discharge.
While your pet is in the hospital, qualified and professional care will be provided as well as a designated staff person available to attend to your pet's basic needs.

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